Discover the world’s best luxury hotels & resorts as experienced by today’s top travel influencers

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What is Taste In Hotels?

Discover the World’s Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts

TasteInHotels features the world’s best luxury hotels & resorts as experienced by today’s top travel influencers. Each day we showcase the most beautiful hotels from the all over the world, from exclusive cliffside suites in Santorini to luxurious overwater villas in the Maldives.

Every hotel we feature has been visited by a select group of highly respected professional travellers — who will share with you their take on what makes each hotel so special. No generic tips. No stock photography. Just great advice on where to go, and what to do when you get there — from today’s most in-the-know travellers.



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We believe the future of travel marketing will be driven by travel influencers like you. Everyday millions of people turn to social media to inspire their wanderlust and to decide which hotels to stay at. We want to connect you with these travellers, so you can share your experiences with them about the hotels you love.

TasteInHotels has been designed with Influencers and content creators in mind — providing you with the tools to increase your global audience, highlight your travel experiences, and enhance your reputation as an influencer with travellers and brands alike.    




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More and more, today’s luxury travellers are turning to social media — and travel influencers specifically — to help guide their decisions about where to stay when they travel. In fact, 40% of millennials listed “How ‘Instagrammable’ the holiday will be”* as a main factor in choosing where to vacation.

Each day TasteInHotels curates photographs of the most beautiful hotels and resorts from the worlds most influential travellers and shares them with our global audience of over 200,000 travellers. Want to learn how your hotel can be included? Apply now for more information.





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