Soneva Fushi: A Barefoot Luxury Maldives Resort

A sustainable paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Soneva Fushi is one of the few resorts in the Maldives that has it all: service, laid-back luxury, and a slow life attitude.


Imagine being dropped off in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a small dingy of a dock, where different shades of clear turquoise water surround you. You can’t see anything around you, except for a few curious fish below and just as you’re debating jumping into that water, you see a speedboat come towards you. But that speedboat isn't just any speedboat, it’s a luxury vessel, full of friendly attendants, fresh coconut water and cold towels to cool you down, as you make your way to a private island. Welcome to the start of our journey to Soneva Fushi

Before we could disembark the boat to step on our own slice of paradise, staff quickly collected our shoes, as the attitude at Soneva Fushi is “No Shoes Needed.” Finally a luxury resort that knows barefoot luxury :) We were greeted at the dock by our “Mr. Friday,” or our personal assistant (named after a character from Robinson Crusoe) and as he was making introductions and bantering with us, I couldn't help but be distracted. My eyes wandered to the thick, lush jungle full of tropical trees plants in front of us. Somewhere, hidden amongst this, was a villa calling our name. My jungle fantasies were coming true, and at that moment I knew...this places was special.

During our time in the Maldives we ended up staying in both of the Soneva properties, and their brand ethos soon became apparent. The team behind Soneva Fushi is a big believer in sustainability and ensure that the beautiful islands the properties occupy (as well as the planet as a whole) remain in the pristine condition in which they were created. Soneva has won countless awards, including the Positive Luxury company's prestigious Butterfly Mark,which recognizes its work in the fields of social and environmental responsibility. If you get a sec, make sure to check out some of the cool ways Soneva is giving back.

Chris Garlotta